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This platform has been developed as part of the Retail project and is intended to provide you with educational materials useful in your current and future professional activity. Take advantage of the results we have developed by clicking on the content you are interested in.

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training package

Supporting youth and unemployed people, for which retail is an entry way to the labour market. This package is for those in search of opportunities in the sector and for those who have a strong sense of new customer values and behaviours.

Intergenerational Collaborative Training Modules

Intergenerational content, for dialogue between the two target group and their collaboration toward sector innovation.

training package

Supporting experienced entrepreneurs within the retail sector, who may need to upskill or change their business models and practices.

Supplementary materials

These additional materials were created due to the COVID19 pandemic and the dramatic changes the pandemic has brought about in the retail sector. The additional materials cover topics that have come to the forefront over the last 18 months.

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